Enter the total yield and the global amount of water available into the calculator to determine the Water Efficiency. 

Water Efficiency Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the Water Efficiency. 

Ew = Y / W
  • Where Ew is the Water Efficiency
  • Y is the total yield 
  • W is the global amount of water available 

To calculate the water efficiency, divide the total yield by the amount of water available.

How to Calculate Water Efficiency?

The following two example problems outline how to calculate the Water Efficiency.

Example Problem #1:

  1. First, determine the total yield. In this example, the total yield is given as 40.
  2. Next, determine the global amount of water available. For this problem, the global amount of water available is given as 60.
  3. Finally, calculate the Water Efficiency using the equation above: 

Ew = Y / W

Inserting the values from above and solving the equation: 

Ew = 40 /60 = .66


What is water efficiency?

Water efficiency refers to the ratio of the total yield of a process to the amount of water used in that process. It measures how effectively water is being used to achieve a certain outcome, with higher values indicating more efficient use of water.

Why is calculating water efficiency important?

Calculating water efficiency is important for several reasons, including identifying areas for improvement in water use, reducing water waste, and ensuring sustainable water management practices. It helps in assessing the performance of various systems or processes in terms of their water usage.

Can water efficiency be improved, and if so, how?

Yes, water efficiency can be improved through various methods such as implementing water-saving technologies, optimizing processes to use water more effectively, repairing leaks, and adopting water recycling and reuse practices. Regular monitoring and assessment of water use also play a crucial role in identifying opportunities for improvement.