Wavenumber Calculator

Enter the wavelength of any wave frequency into the calculator to determine the wavenumber.

Wavenumber Formula

The following formula is used to calculate a wave number.

u = 1/λ

  • Where u is the wavenumber
  • λ is the wavelength (m)


What is a wavenumber?

A wave number is the unit of frequency used in spectroscopy which is equal to the true frequency divided by the speed of light. In other words the wave number can be though of as the number of waves per unit distance.

Wave Number Example

How to calculate wave number?

  1. First, determine the wavelength.

    Using the velocity and the frequency, determine the wavelength of the wave being analyzed. For this example we will say the wave length is 10m.

  2. Next, determine the wave number.

    Using the formula above, we find the wave number to be .10 m^-1. This can be described as .10 waves per meter.

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