Enter the total weld area and the maximum weld strength into the calculator to determine the weld force.

Weld Force Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the Weld Force.

WF = WA * WS
  • Where WF is the weld force (lbf)
  • WA is the total weld contact area (in^2)
  • WS is the weld strength (lbf/in^2)
    • The weld strength is dependent on mainly the welding material, base material, and the welding configuration/pattern.

To calculate the weld force, multiply the weld contact area by the weld strength.

What is a Weld Force?


A weld force measures the maximum force that a weld can hold. The weld force depends on the bond strength and the weld contact area.

How to Calculate Weld Force?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines the steps and information needed to calculate the Weld Force.

First, determine the weld contact area. In this example, the weld contact area is found to be 12 in^2.

Next, determine the weld bond strength. For this problem, the weld strength is found to be 500 lbf/in^2.

Finally, calculate the Weld Force using the formula above:

WF = WA * WS

WF = 12 * 500

WF = 6000 lbf