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We strive to bring free and easy to use calculators to your electronic device for every day needs.

Gone are the days of using a physically calculator to figure out all of your problems. In today’s world, they are built into the software and websites that we browse every day. This includes websites that are entirely dedicated to problem specific programs that solve issues for you given a certain set of predetermined parameters. This includes things like finance, health & fitness, and standard math calculators. Visit calculator.academy for the best of all of these.

Finance Calculators

                In finance, the most prevalent calculators are used to solve for things like mortgage and loan payments. These take your total loan or mortgage cost, as well as the term and interest rate, and calculate your monthly payments. Most of the time this is displayed in simple text, but sometimes it comes with graphs or visual displays. There is currently a large fight for control of this specific space, because the value of the traffic these websites attract is extremely high. Banks and lenders can advertise very high amounts in the space in order to attract the users to their own website.

                Figuring out mortgage and loan payments aren’t the only thing you can do on these websites. There are also several options for figuring out the future value of investments and potential retirement savings. These calculators typically take the input of an initial investment, monthly or yearly additions to that payment, and a fixed yearly return in a percent. On the back end it calculates the expected value of the investment in each of the coming years as well as the total contributions you have made.

Health and Fitness Calculators

                On the health and fitness side of things, the most popular web pages are ones that calculate BMI, Body Fat, and daily calories. BMI, also known as body mass index is a medical term used to describe the relative health of someone based on their height and weight. While these two factors aren’t the only factors involving your health, when used in Meta studies it’s a good indicator of health. Body fat calculators are also very popular. They are widely seen as in-accurate due to the difficulty of determining body fat without an in-person examination, but they are used all the time none the less. Calculating your daily calorie expenditure through online websites has also become a common occurrence as the average person becomes more knowledgeable on healthy living and ways to lose weight.

                In powerlifting there are calculators that can determine your max lifts based on previous lifts and reps. There is some solid science behind the amount of weight lifted X the number of reps and the estimated max lift that person could achieve.

Math & Science Calculators

                Not surprisingly, simple math can be made even easy through the use of these websites. Some examples of these are calculators that solve for volume, average, time, percentage, unit conversion, and area. It goes far beyond this, and while those things are normally relatively easy to figure out with a normal calculator.

Miscellaneous Calculator

We also have calculators for other random things like figuring out how much food to feed your dog!

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