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We strive to bring free and easy to use calculators to your electronic device for every day needs.

Started by one person back in 2018, Calculator Academy has grown to a team of 5. Everyday we work to bring more and more free calculators to our website. The traffic has grown substantially in the last years to over 20,000 visitors a day!

Calculator Academy’s mission statement is to provide free calculators for problems about under-served topics on the internet. While we have some of the more common calculators, our focus for the past year has been calculators for problems that are yet to be answered on the web.

We will continue to work and grow Calculator Academy as a resource for all.


All calculators are provided for educational purposes only. We strive to make as accurate calculators as possible, but mistakes happen. Contact us below if you see any calculators with issues. Our health and fitness calculators are not intended to provide medical advice. Please consult with your doctor about any health issues.

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