Enter the variables a, b, and c into the calculator below to calculate the two solutions to completing the square.

Completing The Square Formula

{\displaystyle x={\frac {-b\pm {\sqrt {b^{2}-4ac}}}{2a}}\ \ }

When completing the square, the above formula is used where, a, b, and c are variables from the equation


Completing the Square Definition

Completing the square involves solving the quadratic equation to determine two different x-intercepts of a quadratic equation.

How to calculate completing the square?

How to complete the square

  1. First, determine the variables

    Calculate or gather the variables a,b, and c from an equation of the form ax^2+bx+C.

  2. Enter the variables into the formula or calculator above.

    The solution should be two separate answers, typically the x-intercepts.


What does completing the square mean?

Completing the square is another way of saying using the quadratic equation to solve for the x-intercepts of an equation in the form mentioned above.

How do i complete the square?

Follow the steps in the how-to guide above to complete the square.