Enter the voltage, current, power factor, and frequency into the calculator to determine the power output. This calculator can also evaluate any of the variables given the others are known.

Hz To Kw Formula

The following formula can be used to calculate the power output (kW) of a generator based on its frequency (Hz) and other factors.

P = V * I * PF * sqrt(3) * f / 1000


  • P is the power output (kW)
  • V is the voltage (volts)
  • I is the current (amperes)
  • PF is the power factor (unitless, between 0 and 1) sqrt(3) is the square root of 3, a constant in three-phase power calculations
  • f is the frequency (Hz)

To calculate the power output, multiply the voltage by the current, then multiply the result by the power factor. Multiply this result by the square root of 3 and the frequency. Finally, divide the result by 1000 to convert from watts to kilowatts.

What is Hz To Kw?

Hz (Hertz) and kW (Kilowatt) are two different units used in measuring different aspects of electricity. Hz is a unit of frequency, indicating the number of cycles per second in an alternating current (AC) electrical signal. On the other hand, kW is a unit of power, indicating the rate at which energy is used or produced. Therefore, Hz to kW is not a direct conversion as they measure different aspects of electricity. However, they can be related in calculations involving electrical systems, such as determining the power output of a generator based on its frequency and other factors.

How to Calculate Hz To Kw?

The following steps outline how to calculate the Hz To Kw using the given formula:

  1. First, determine the voltage (V) in volts.
  2. Next, determine the current (I) in amperes.
  3. Next, determine the power factor (PF) as a unitless value between 0 and 1.
  4. Next, calculate the square root of 3 (sqrt(3)).
  5. Finally, determine the frequency (f) in Hz.
  6. After gathering all the variables, use the formula P = V * I * PF * sqrt(3) * f / 1000 to calculate the power output (P) in kilowatts.

Example Problem:

Use the following variables as an example problem to test your knowledge:

voltage (V) = 220 volts

current (I) = 10 amperes

power factor (PF) = 0.8

frequency (f) = 60 Hz