Enter the semi-major axis of the orbit, pi, the gravitational constant, and the mass of Jupiter into the calculator to determine the Jupiter Return.

Jupiter Return Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the Jupiter Return:

JR = (2 * π * a^(3/2)) / √(G * M) 


  • JR is the Jupiter Return
  • a is the semi-major axis of the orbit
  • π is the mathematical constant pi (approximately 3.14159)
  • G is the gravitational constant (approximately 6.67430 × 10^-11 m^3 kg^-1 s^-2)
  • M is the mass of Jupiter (approximately 1.898 × 10^27 kg)

To calculate the Jupiter Return, multiply 2 by pi, then multiply the result by the semi-major axis of the orbit raised to the power of 3/2. Divide the result by the square root of the product of the gravitational constant and the mass of Jupiter.

What is a Jupiter Return?

A Jupiter Return is an astrological event that occurs approximately every 11.86 years, when the planet Jupiter returns to the same position in the sky as it occupied at the moment of a person’s birth. This event is considered significant in astrology because Jupiter is associated with growth, expansion, prosperity, and good fortune. The Jupiter Return is seen as a time of increased opportunities, wealth, and personal growth. It is often associated with broadening one’s horizons through travel, education, or spiritual exploration. The exact timing and influence of a Jupiter Return can vary depending on other factors in a person’s astrological chart, but generally, it is seen as a beneficial and positive period.