Normalize Vector Calculator

Enter any vector into the normalize vector calculator. The calculator will normalize this vector and display the unit vector.

Normalizing a Vector Formula

The following formula is used to normalize a vector.

u = U / |U|

|U| = Sqaure Root ( X^2 + Y^2+Z^2)

  • Where U is the original vector
  • |U| is the magnitude of the vector
  • u is the unit vector

How to normalize a vector

  1. First, calculate the magnitude of the original vector

    Using the formula above, calculate the magnitude of the original vector.

  2. Next, divide each component of the vector by the magnitude.

    For example, for a vector x,y,z, divide x by the magnitude, y by the magnitude, and z by the magnitude. The results of those divisions are your unit vector values.


What is normalizing a vector?

Normalizing a vector is the process of turning a vector into its unit vector. This process involves dividing a vector by its magnitude. The results is a vector with the same direction, but with a magnitude of 1.

Why would you normalize a vector?

Normalizing a vector can simply problems. For example, if you want to multiply two vectors A and B, you can actually multiply their unit vectors to get the direction, then multiply that answer by the magnitudes to get the resulting vector of A * B.

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