Enter the cardiac output and heart rate into the calculator. The calculator will evaluate the stroke volume produced by that heart.

Stroke Volume Formula

The following equation could be used to calculate stroke volume.

SV = CO / HR

  • Where SV is stroke volume
  • CO is cardiac output
  • HR is heart rate

Stroke Volume Definition

A stroke volume is defined as the ratio of cardiac output to heart rate.

Stroke Volume Example

How to calculate stroke volume

  1. First, determine the heart rate

    The heart rate should be measured in beats per minute.

  2. Next, determine the cardiac output

    This is typically measure in liters per minute.

  3. Finally, calculate the stroke volume

    Calculate the stroke volume using the cardiac output and the heart rate.


What is a stroke volume?

A stroke volume is a measure of how much volume of blood the heart moves per beat.

stroke volume calculator
stroke volume formula