Enter the sugar content into the calculator to determine the alcohol content. This calculator can also evaluate any variables given that the others are known.

Sugar To Alcohol Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the alcohol content from sugar content in brewing.

AC = (S * 0.136) + (S^2 * 0.011)


  • AC is the alcohol content (%) S is the sugar content (grams per liter)

To calculate the alcohol content, multiply the sugar content by 0.136, then add the square of the sugar content multiplied by 0.011. This formula assumes that all the sugar is fermented into alcohol, which may not always be the case in practice.

What is a Sugar To Alcohol?

Sugar to alcohol is a process of fermentation where sugar, typically glucose, is converted into alcohol, specifically ethanol, and carbon dioxide. This process is carried out by yeast or bacteria under anaerobic conditions (without oxygen). It is a fundamental process in the production of alcoholic beverages like beer and wine, and also in baking, where the carbon dioxide produced helps dough rise.