Vector Length Calculator

Enter the 3 coordinate points of a vector into the vector length calculator. The calculator will return the total vector magnitude (length).

Vector Length Formula

The following formula is used to calculate a vector length.

|u| = √(x₁² + y₁² + z₁²)

  • Where u is the vector length
  • x is the x coordinate
  • y is the y coordinate
  • z is the z coordinate

How to calculate a vector length

  1. First, determine the vector coordinate points

    This will be x, y, and possibly z if the vector is in the 3-D plane.

  2. Calculate the magnitude

    Calculate the vector length using the formula above.


What is vector length?

A vector length is another way of saying a vector magnitude. It’s a measure of distant from the origin 0,0,0 to the coordinate points of the vector.

vector length calculator

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