Warp Speed Calculator

Enter the warp factor into the calculator below to calculate the velocity or warp speed of an object.

Warp Speed Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the warp speed velocity of a spaceship.

v = w10/3c

  • Where v is the velocity (m/s)
  • w is the warp factor
  • c is the speed of light

This formula is derived from the technical manual outlined in the Star Trek next generations by Mike, Okuda.

Warp Speed Example

How to calculate a warp speed?

  1. First, determine the warp factor.

    The warp factor is a measure of the ratio of the speed of light based on the warp scale.

  2. Next, calculate the warp speed.

    Calculate the velocity using the formula above.


How fast is warp speed?

Warp speed itself is not on specific speed. It’s a range of velocities based on the speed of light and the warp factor.

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