Work Calculator

This calculator will determine the total amount of work performed on a object. Enter the force and distance to calculate the work(energy).

Work is the total amount of energy exerted on object or system through sum force over a distance. Work can be calculated through the following formula.

Work = Force * Distance / W= F * D

Where force is applied to an object directly at 0 degrees. When a force is applied at an angle the formula will be the following:

Work = Force * Distance * cos (theta)

Where theta is the angle of force applied relative to the displacement of the object. The SI unit of work is joule (J). The SI units for force and distance (displacement) are Newtons (N) and meters (m) respectively. This calculator is unit-less so it allows you to choose the unites for your self. Just be sure to research and make sure the units you use are in the same base, or you can end up with some wildly inaccurate results.

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