Enter the atmospheric pressure and gauge press into the calculator to determine the absolute pressure.

Absolute Pressure Formula

The follow equation is used to calculate an absolute pressure.

Pa = Pg + Pat
  • Where Pa is the absolute pressure
  • Pg is the gauge pressure
  • Pat is the atmospheric pressure

To calculate the absolute pressure, simply sum the gauge and atmospheric pressures together.

Absolute Pressure Definition

Absolute pressure is defined as the sum of the atmospheric pressure and gauge pressure.

Absolute Pressure Example

How to calculate absolute pressure?

  1. First, determine the gauge pressure.

    Calculate the gauge pressure.

  2. Next, determine the atmospheric pressure.

    Calculate the atmospheric pressure.

  3. Finally, calculate the absolute pressure.

    Calculate the absolute pressure using the formula above.


What is absolute pressure?

The absolute pressure in simple terms is the sum of a gauge pressure plus the atmospheric pressure.

Why is absolute pressure needed?

Absolute pressure is needed to analyze the pressure differential between different environments. Gauges can only directly measure the “gauge pressure” which is the pressure with respect to the atmosphere.