Enter the percentage yield and theoretical yield into the calculator to determine the actual yield.

Actual Yield Formula

The following is the formula for calculating the actual yield of a process.

Y_a  = Y_p / 100 * Y_t 
  • Where Ya us the actual yield
  • Yp is the percentage yield (%)
  • Yt is the theoretical yield

To calculate the actual yield, divide the percentage yield by 100, then multiply by the theoretical yield.

Actual Yield Definition

An actual yield is the true amount of substance yielded from an experiment.

Actual Yield Example

How to calculate actual yield?

  1. First, determine the theoretical yield.

    Calculate the theoretical yield of the process.

  2. Next, determine the percentage yield.

    Calculate the total percentage of the theoretical yield that was produced.

  3. Finally, calculate the actual yield.

    Calculate the actual yield using the formula above.


What is an actual yield?

An actual yield is the exact yield of a substance generated from a chemical process. Since no process is perfect it’s always a percentage of the theoretical yield that the process should generate.

What is a theoretical yield?

A theoretical yield is the exact amount of a substance that should be produced through a given reaction if it was performed perfectly with no losses.