Enter up to five different percentages into the calculator to calculate the subtraction or addition of those percentages.

Adding Percentages Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the addition of percentages.

% = %1+%2+%3+%4+%5

  • Where % is the addition of all of the percentages
  • %1-%5 are the individual percentages.

How to add or subtract percentages?

Adding and subtracting percentages if the same as adding and subtracting normal numbers or integers. For example, if you want to add 2% and 3%, simply add them together and get 5%.

How to add or subtract percentages without a calculator?

To perform addition or subtraction on percentages, simply assume they are whole numbers. The result will be the same. However, in order to perform multiplication or division, you first must convert the percentages into decimals by dividing them by 100. Then, you can perform the operation. The result should then be multiplied by 100 to achieve the final percent value.

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