Enter your age into the calculator to estimate your anaerobic threshold heart rate in beats per minute (BPM).

Anaerobic Threshold Formula

The following formula is used to estimate an anaerobic threshold.

AT = (220-A) * .875
  • Where AT is the anaerobic threshold (BPM)
  • A is the person's age (years)

To calculate the anaerobic threshold, subtract the age from 220, then multiply by .875.

What is an anaerobic threshold?


An anaerobic threshold is defined as the point at which the human body switches from aerobic to anaerobic metabolism.

The threshold is reached when a person's heart rate reaches 85-90% of their maximum heart rate.

How to calculate anaerobic threshold?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines how to calculate an anaerobic threshold.

First, determine the age of the person being analyzed. In this case, the person is 40 years old.

Next, estimate their maximum heart rate. This is done by subtracting their age from 220.

MHR = 220-40

MHR = 180 BPM

Finally, calculate the anaerobic threshold using the formula above:

AT = (220-A) * .875

AT = (180) * .875

AT = 157.5 BPM


What is the significance of knowing your anaerobic threshold?

Understanding your anaerobic threshold is crucial for athletes and fitness enthusiasts because it helps in optimizing training intensity. Training just below the anaerobic threshold can improve endurance and performance by enhancing the body's ability to utilize oxygen more efficiently. It also allows for the development of a training regimen that maximizes fat burning and minimizes fatigue and muscle damage.

Can the anaerobic threshold change over time?

Yes, the anaerobic threshold can change based on an individual's fitness level and training regimen. With consistent and targeted training, particularly endurance and high-intensity interval training (HIIT), one can increase their anaerobic threshold. This means the body can perform at a higher intensity for longer periods before lactic acid build-up leads to fatigue.

How often should I test my anaerobic threshold?

The frequency of testing your anaerobic threshold depends on your training goals and regimen. However, it is generally recommended to assess your anaerobic threshold every 2-4 months to monitor progress and adjust training intensity as needed. For athletes in training for specific events or seasons, more frequent assessments may be beneficial for fine-tuning performance.