Angle of Repose Calculator

Enter the height and the radius of the heap or shape into the calculator to determine the angle of repose.

Angle of Repose Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the angle of repose.

a = atan (h/r)

  • Where a is the angle of repose
  • h is the height
  • r is the radius/distance

Angle of Repose Definition

An angle of reposed is a measure of the flowability of bulk solids such as powders. In other words, when bulk solids are poured into a heap or mound, what is the angle the heap makes with the ground.

Angle of Repose Example

How to calculate angle of repose?

  1. First, determine the height.

    Measure the height of the mound or heap of solid.

  2. Next, determine the radius.

    Measure the radius/distance of the mound.

  3. Finally, calculate the angle of repose.

    Calculate the angle of repose using the equation above.


What is the angle of repose?

An angle of repose is a measure of the flowability of mounds of bulk solids.

angle of repose calculator
angle of repose formula