Enter the power usage, run time, and electricity cost of the aquarium into the calculator to determine the aquarium energy cost.

Aquarium Energy Cost Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the energy cost of an aquarium.

AEC = P * T * E
  • Where AEC is Aquarium Energy Cost ($)
  • P is the power used by the aquarium (kW)
  • T is the average run time of the aquarium per day (hrs)
  • E is the cost of the electricity ($/kWH)

To calculate the cost of energy used by an aquarium, multiply the power usage, time, and cost of electricity together.

What determines the energy cost of an aquarium?

The amount of energy that an aquarium uses is mostly determine by the water pumps and lights used by the aquarium.

How to calculate Aquarium Energy Cost?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines how to calculate the cost of the energy used by an aquarium.

First, determine the power consumed by the aquarium. In this example, the pump and lights combined consume .5 kW.

Next, determine the hours the aquarium runs per day. This aquarium runs for 24 hours per day.

Next, determine the cost of electricity used. For this problem, the cost is $.20/kWH.

Finally, calculate the aquarium energy cost per hour using the formula above:

AEC = P * T * E

AEC = .5 * 24 * .20

AEC = 2.4 $ /day