Beat Frequency Calculator

Enter the the frequency of two different waves into the calculator to determine the beat frequency caused by those waves.

Beat Frequency Formula

The following formula is used to calculate a beat frequency.

fb = | F2-F1 |

  • Where fb is the beat frequency caused by two waves (hz)
  • F2 and F1 are the frequency of the waves (hz)

Beat Frequency Definition

A beat frequency is defined as the difference in frequency between two sound waves.

Beat Frequency Example

How to calculate beat frequency?

  1. First, determine the frequencies.

    Calculate or measure the frequencies of the two waves that are creating the beat.

  2. Next, take the difference.

    Substract the frequencies from one another.

  3. Finally, take the absolute value.

    Take the absolute value of the number from step 2 to calculate the beat frequency.


What is a beat frequency?

A beat frequency is a beat that is produced when two different waves of different frequencies superimpose and travel along the same path. The beat frequency is the absolute value of the difference between the wave frequencies.

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