Enter the inpatient days of care and the bed days available into the Calculator. The calculator will evaluate the Bed Occupancy Rate. 

Bed Occupancy Rate Formula

BOR = IDOC / BDA * 100


  • BOR is the Bed Occupancy Rate (%)
  • IDOC is the inpatient days of care
  • BDA is the bed days available

To calculate Bed Occupancy Rate, divide the inpatient days of cares by the bed days available, then multiply by 100.

How to Calculate Bed Occupancy Rate?

The following steps outline how to calculate the Bed Occupancy Rate.

  1. First, determine the inpatient days of care. 
  2. Next, determine the bed days available. 
  3. Next, gather the formula from above = BOR = IDOC / BDA * 100.
  4. Finally, calculate the Bed Occupancy Rate.
  5. After inserting the variables and calculating the result, check your answer with the calculator above.

Example Problem : 

Use the following variables as an example problem to test your knowledge.

inpatient days of care = 500

bed days available = 2000

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the significance of calculating the Bed Occupancy Rate in healthcare facilities?

The Bed Occupancy Rate is crucial for healthcare facilities as it helps in understanding the usage rate of available beds, indicating the efficiency of bed management, and informing decisions on resource allocation, capacity planning, and improving patient care.

How can high Bed Occupancy Rates affect patient care and hospital operations?

High Bed Occupancy Rates can lead to overcrowding, increased infection risks, longer wait times for patients needing admission, and can stress hospital resources and staff, potentially affecting the quality of patient care and operational efficiency.

Are there optimal Bed Occupancy Rate targets that hospitals should aim for?

While optimal rates can vary by hospital type and region, many healthcare experts suggest aiming for an occupancy rate of about 85% to ensure there is enough flexibility to manage patient flow effectively without compromising care or overburdening the facility.

Can the Bed Occupancy Rate impact the financial health of a hospital?

Yes, the Bed Occupancy Rate can significantly impact a hospital’s financial health. A rate that is too low may indicate underutilization of resources, leading to financial strain. Conversely, a rate that is too high can lead to operational inefficiencies and increased costs due to the need for additional staffing and resources to manage the high patient load.