Select your type of drink, and the number of cups (8oz) into the calculator below to calculate your total caffeine consumption. This calculator uses the values for caffeine by drink presented in the table below.

Caffeine Formula

Instead of using a standard formula like most calculators, this one simply references a built-in table for caffeine content by drink and multiplies it by the number of cubs drank. It’s important to note that this caffeine content is an estimate and should not be taken as fact. For professional advice, see a doctor.

Reducing your caffeine intake can drastically improve your daily life when you are addicted. This can be financial and health-wise. For example, reducing caffeine intake can improve sleep.

Caffeine Content by Drink

Coffee drinksSize in oz. (mL)Caffeine (mg)
Brewed8 (237)95-165
Brewed, decaf8 (237)2-5
Espresso1 (30)47-64
Espresso, decaf1 (30)0
Instant8 (237)63
Instant, decaf8 (237)2
Latte or mocha8 (237)63-126
TeasSize in oz. (mL)Caffeine (mg)
Brewed black8 (237)25-48
Brewed black, decaf8 (237)2-5
Brewed green8 (237)25-29
Ready-to-drink, bottled8 (237)5-40
SodasSize in oz. (mL)Caffeine (mg)
Citrus (most brands)8 (237)0
Cola8 (237)24-46
Root beer (most brands)8 (237)0
Energy drinksSize in oz. (mL)Caffeine (mg)
Energy drink8 (237)27-164
Energy shot1 (30)40-100

Caffeine Calculator