Enter the user’s height into the calculator to determine the appropriate cane length. This calculator can also evaluate any of the variables given the others are known.

Cane Length Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the appropriate cane length.

CL = H * 0.5


  • CL is the cane length (inches) H is the user’s height (inches)

To calculate the appropriate cane length, multiply the user’s height by 0.5. The result is the recommended cane length.

What is a Cane Length?

A cane length refers to the appropriate measurement of a walking cane that ensures optimal support and comfort for the user. It is typically determined by measuring the distance from the user’s wrist joint down to the floor, while the user is standing upright with their arms resting naturally at their sides. The correct cane length helps maintain good posture, balance, and mobility.

How to Calculate Cane Length?

The following steps outline how to calculate the Cane Length using the formula CL = H * 0.5.

  1. First, determine the user’s height (H) in inches.
  2. Next, multiply the user’s height (H) by 0.5.
  3. Finally, calculate the Cane Length (CL).
  4. After inserting the user’s height (H) and calculating the result, check your answer with the calculator above.

Example Problem:

Use the following variables as an example problem to test your knowledge.

User’s height (H) = 60 inches