Enter the diameter of the spring wire, the mean coil radius, and the shear modulus into the calculator to determine the conical spring force.

Coil (Conical) Spring Force Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the Coil (Conical) Spring Force.

F = pi/16 * d^3 / r * t

  • Where F is the force (N)
  • d is the diameter of the wire (m)
  • r is the mean radius of the coil (m)
  • t is the shear modulus of the material (Pa)

What is a Coil (Conical) Spring Force?


A coil spring force is a type of mechanical force that works in conjunction with a conical coil and can be used to exert a force on an object. It is typically used in electronic devices, such as clocks and wristwatches, to help them keep track of time.

How to Calculate Coil (Conical) Spring Force?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines the steps and information needed to calculate the Coil (Conical) Spring Force.

First, determine diameter of the wire. In tis example, the wires have a diameter of .125m.

Next, determine the mean radius of the coil. This is measured to be .56m.

Next, determine the shear modulus. This is found to be 1500 Pa.

Finally, calculate the coil spring force using the formula above:

F = pi/16 * d^3 / r * t

F = 3.14159/16 * .125^3 / .56 * 1500

F = 1.027 N