Enter the control mean, the control limit, and the standard deviation into the calculator to determine the control limit LCL and UCL.

Control Limit Formula

The following formula can be used to calculate the upper and lower control limits.

LCL = x – (l*x*s)

UCL = x – (-l*x*s)

  • Where LCL is the lower limit
  • UCL is the upper limit
  • x is the mean
  • s is the standard deviation
  • l is the control limit

Control Limit Definitoin

A control limit is defined as the upper and lower bounds of a set of data or elements.

Control Limit Example

How to calculate control limit?

  1. First, determine the mean.

    Measure of calculate the mean of the data.

  2. Next, determine the standard deviation.

    Calculate the standard deviation of the data.

  3. Next, determine the total control limit.

    Measure the total control limit.

  4. Finally, calculate the upper and lower bounds.

    Calculate the upper and lower bounds using the formula above.


What is a control limit?

A control limit is the upper and lower bounds of a set of elements.

What are control charts?

Control charts are charts that monitor the quality of the elements in a data set.