Enter the diameter and length of the wire into the calculator to determine the copper wire weight.

Copper Wire Weight Formula

The following formula is used to calculate a copper wire weight:

CWW = pi*(D/2)^2/144*L*D
  • Where CWW is the copper wire weight (lbs)
  • D is the diameter of the wire (inches)
  • L is the length fo the wire (ft)
  • D is the density of copper (lbs/ft^3)
    • the average density of pure copper is 559.3545 lbs/ft^3

To calculate copper wire weight, calculate the cross-sectional area of the wire, multiply by the length to get volume, then multiply by the density to get weight.

What is the weight of a copper wire?

The weight of a copper wire depends on the thickness (diameter) of the wire, and the length of the wire. The thicker and longer the wire is, the more it will weigh.

How to calculate copper wire weight?

Example Problem:

The following example problem outlines how to calculate the weight of a copper wire.

First, determine the diameter of the wire. For this example, the diameter is .250 inches.

Next, determine the length of the wire. In this case, the wire is measured to have a length of 5 feet.

Next, determine the density of the wire. We will use the average density of copper for this example, which is 559.3545 lbs/ft^3.

Finally, calculate the copper wire weight using the formula above:

CWW = pi*(D/2)^2/144*L*d

CWW = 3.14159*(.250/2)^2/144*5*559.545

CWW = .9537 lbs