Enter the height, width, and length of a volume of wood into the calculator. The calculate will evaluate and display the total number of cords of wood. You can also calculate the total cost by entering a cost per cord.

Cords of Wood Formula

The following equation can be used to calculate the total cords of wood in a stack of wood.

C = L*W*H/128
  • Where C is total cords
  • L is the length (ft)
  • W is the width (ft)
  • H is the height (ft)

To calculate the cords of wood, multiply the length, width, and height, then divide by 128.

Cords of Wood Definition

Cords of wood are a measure of the total volume of wood in a given stack.

Cords of Wood Example

How to calculate cords of wood

  1. First, measure the length

    Measure or calculate the total length of the stack in feet.

  2. Next, measure the width

    Measure or calculate the total width of the same stack.

  3. Next, measure the height

    Measure or calculate the total height of the same stack.

  4. Finally, calculate the cords

    Using the length, width, and height from steps 1-3 above, calculate the total number of cords of wood using the equation.


What is a cord of wood?

A cord of wood is a unit of volume used to describe the amount of wood in a given stack. These cords of wood could be stacked in whole logs or split logs. In the end, it’s only an approximation because there will be space in between logs not accounted for.

What does a cord of wood cost?

A cord of wood will vary in cost depending on the type of wood and shape of the wood. Typically split logs cost more like the labor has already been put into the logs to split them.

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