Enter the number you wish to calculate the cube root of into the calculator below to determine the value.

Cube Root Formula

The following formula is used by the calculator above to determine the cube root.

∛X = X ^ 1/3

  • Where X is a variable
  • 3 is the cube root

Cube Root Definition

Taking the cube root of a number is also equal to raising a number to the (1/3) power, or X ^ (1/3)

How to calculate a cube root?

How to calculate a cube root

  1. First, convert the equation above.

    The new form of the equation is X^1/3.

  2. Then calculate the cube root.

    Use the calculator above, or a hand calculator to calculate the cube root.


How do you take the cube root of a number?

The easiest way to take the cube root is to raise the number to the 1/3rd power. This will yield the same result as the cube root.

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