Enter your total debt and total assets into the debt to asset ratio calculator. The calculator will return the % debt to assets ratio.

Debt to Asset Ratio Formula

The following formula can be used to calculate the debt to asset ratio.

D:A = D/A*100

  • Where D:A is the debt to asset ratio (%)
  • D is the total debts
  • A is the total assets

Debt to Asset Ratio Definition

A debt to asset ratio is defined as the total percentage of debt relative to the total asset value of an individual.

How to calculate debt to Asset Ratio?

How to calculate a debt to asset ratio

  1. First, calculate your total debts

    This will include all types of debts including long-term and short-term. This could be things like leases, mortgages, or loans.

  2. Next, calculate your total assets

    This will include any and all assets you own that have value. This could be anything from homes to vehicles to investments.

  3. Finally, calculate the ratio

    Enter your total debts and assets into the formula above to calculate your debt to asset ratio.


What is a debt to asset ratio?

A debt to asset ratio is a ratio that measures how much debt a person on business as compared to how many assets that person has. The greater the ratio the worse financial standing that person or company is in.

What is a good debt to asset ratio?

This depends on whether we are talking about a person or a business. For business, while not ideal, it’s not uncommon for them to have much greater than 100% debt to asset ratio. For a person, this ratio should always be below 100%, and preferably below 25%.

How much debt is too much?

For a person, that simple answer is as soon as you can no longer pay the debts.

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