Dog Age Calculator

Calculate the estimated age of your dog in human years. Dogs age quicker than humans, so their relative age is much different than their actual age.

Dog to Human Years

Convert the age of your dog into human years. This calculator takes the age of your dog and the size of your dog, and calculates the relative human years your dog has lived. What’s the point of this? Sometimes it’s hard for people to visualize or understand how old a dog is. We are so used to humans and what age we are expected to live to that we can’t always grasp how old other animals are in comparison to their overall life spans. 

An example of this is a small dog of 6 years old would be approximately 40 years old in human age. If you ask most people how old they feel a six year old dog is, most would say they are still pretty young. In reality they are essentially half way through their entire life, and 75% through their healthy life if you take the last 3-4 years of a dogs life to be considered the elderly time frame. 

This calculator is an estimation and should be taken with a grain of salt. It’s also not supposed to be a indicator of a dogs health. Just like humans, dogs actual health can vary from dog to dog even at the same age. 

Dog Age Calculator

Calculate your dogs age in human years and compare them to the people of the same age that you know. That will give you a good idea about their lifespan and overall health.