Enter a value (x) into the calculator below to calculate the value of e^-x. e is also known as Euler’s number which is equal to approximately 2.71828.

 e^-x Formula

The following formula is used by the calculator above to determine the value of e^-x.

Since e is a known value, also known as Euler’s number, which is approximately 2.71828, this calculator can simply take that number and raise it to the negative value of X.

How to calculate e^-x.

Calculating e^-x is as simple as raising the number 2.7182 to the inverse of the variable x.


What does e stand for? The letter e, specifically in mathematics, is a constant number known as Euler’s number. It is known to be equal to 2.71828 or more exactly, (1 + 1/n)n as n approaches infinity.

What is e used for? Euler’s number is used as the base number for logarithmic functions. It’s used in compound interest equations, Bernoulli trials, standard normal distributions in statistics, and in very other calculus functions. The approximation of 2.71828 is used in many cases because the truel value of e has an infinite number of decimals.