Elasticity Calculator (Physics)

Enter the stress and strain acting on a material into the elasticity calculator. The calculator will return the Elastic Modulus of that material. (For information of elastic forces as it relates to springs, visit our spring force calculator.)

Elasticity Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the elastic modulus of a material.

E = Se/Sa

  • Where E is the elastic modulus
  • Sa is the strain
  • Se is the stress

It’s important to note that this is strain and stress in the same direction, i.e. axial.

How to calculate elasticity

  1. First, measure the strain on an object

    Measure the strain on an object using proper instrumentation.

  2. Next, measure the stress on an object

    Using the same instrumentation/press, measure the stress on the object.

  3. Calculate the elastic modulus

    Calculator the elastic modulus using the formula above.


What is elasticity?

Elasticity is a measure of a material resistance to deform under stress. The higher the elasticity, the more a material deforms under stress.

elasticity calculator