Poisson’s Ratio Calculator

Enter the transverse strain and the axial strain into the calculator below to determine the Poisson’s ratio of material.

Poisson’s Ratio Formula

The following formula is used by the calculator above to determine the Poisson’s ratio of a material.

P = – ε(trans) / ε(axial)

  • Where P is Poisson’s Ratio
  • ε(trans) is the transverse strain
  • ε(axial) is the axial strain

Poisson’s Ratio Definition

As is shown in the equation above Poisson’s ratio is a simple ratio of transverse to axial strain. The strain of an item depends on the force being applied to an object and the modulus of elasticity of that material.

Strain itself is a measure of deformation of an object or material. That is a measure of how much a dimension of an object has changed when a force is applied to it.

How to calculate Poisson’s Ratio?

How to calculate poisson’s ratio

  1. Measure the transverse strain of the object

    This will be the strain in the transverse direction.

  2. Measure the axial strain of the object

    This will be the strain in the axial direction.

  3. Calculate the poisson’s ratio

    Enter the strain in both directions into the formula to calculate the poisson’s ratio.


What is Poisson’s Ratio?

Poisson’s ratio is a ratio of transverse strain to axial strain of an object.

Poisson's Ratio Calculator