Shear Strain Calculator

Enter the original length (h) and the total deformation (w) into the calculator to determine the shear stress acting on a square object.

Shear Strain Formula

The following formula is used to calculate shear strain.

y = w / h

  • Where y is the shear strain
  • w is the total deformation as seen in the illustration below
  • h is the original length/height of the object


How to calculate shear strain?

  1. First, measure the original length.

    Measure the original length, often considered the height of a square object.

  2. Next, measure the deformation.

    After a shear force has been applied to the object, measure the deformation.

  3. Finally, calculate the shear strain.

    Calculate the shear strain by dividing the deformation by the original length.


What is shear strain?

Shear strain is a type of strain that is caused by a shear force or shear stress.

What is shear stress?

Shear stress if a stress caused two forces acting in opposing directions and opposing surfaces of an object.

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