Bending Stress Calculator

Enter the bending moment, vertical distance from the neutral axis, and the moment of inertia around the neutral axis into the calculator to determine the bending stress.

Bending Stress Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the bending stress of a typical geometry.

σ = M * y / I

  • Where M is the bending moment
  • y is the vertical distance from the neutral axis
  • I is the moment of inertia about the neutral axis

Bending Stress Definition

A bending stress is a stress of along the the length of an object that arises from a bending force.

Bending Stress Example

How to calculate bending stress

  1. First, determine the bending moment

    Calculate or measure the bending moment of the object.

  2. Next, determine the distance from the neutral axis.

    At the point being analyzed, measure the vertical distance from the axis.

  3. Next, determine the moment of inertia.

    Calculate or measure the moment of inertia about the neutral axis.

  4. Finally, calculate the bending stress.

    Calculate the total bending stress using the formula above.


What is a bending stress?

A bending stress is particular type of stress that occurs in an object when it is subject to a large enough force that causes the object to bend and fatigue.

What type of force causes bending stress?

Bending stress is caused by tensile forces and loads.

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