Enter the slope of a line, constant b, and either the x or y coordinate at the endpoint. The endpoint calculator will display the missing coordinate value for the endpoint.

Endpoint Formula

The following formula is used to calculate an endpoint of a line.

Y = kx+b

  • Where X and Y are coordinate points
  • X is the slope
  • b is a constant

In this case, the formula above is actually the point-slope form of a line. In order to calculate the endpoint of a line of this form, you only need to know either the x or y coordinate of the endpoint and the formula can solve for the other coordinate.

Endpoint Definition

An endpoint is defined as the final point along a finite line in the coordinate space.

How to calculate an endpoint?

How to calculate an endpoint

  1. First, determine the slope of a line

    Using the information given, or using two different points, calculate the slope of the line. You can also use this slope calculator to help.

  2. Next, determine the constant b

    Using the same points as used in step 1, calculate the constant b.

  3. Finally, Calculate the missing variable

    Using the information from steps 1 and 2, along with either the x or y point of the endpoint, calculate the other coordinate point of the endpoint.


What is an endpoint?

An endpoint of a line is a theoretical point in which the line ceases to exist after that point. Most times lines are expressed at infinite, but when talking in terms of finite distances a line can in fact have an endpoint.

Where is the end point?

The endpoint is determined using an equation for a line and a coordinate point along that line. After that coordinate point, the line no longer continues on.