Calculate the midpoint between any two x,y coordinate points on a graph. Enter the x and y coordinates of two points and this calculator will determine the midpoint.

Midpoint Formula

Midpoint is used in geometry to describe the point along a line that is equidistant from the endpoints of that line. The midpoint formula is typically shown as:

midpoint formula
  • Where X1 and X2 are the x-coordinate points
  • Y1 and Y2 are the y-coordinate points

To calculate a midpoint, add together the x-coordinates points then divide by 2. Next, add together the y-coordinate points, then divide by 2. This gives you the midpoint coordinates X and Y.

How to calculate a midpoint

One way to calculate the midpoint is to remember that this midpoint is half of the distance between points. If you want to calculate the midpoint this way, you can use this distance between points calculator and divide the final answer by 2.

Another way is through using the slope of the line if it is known. To learn more about this, you can visit our slope calculator. Using the slope of a line to calculate a point is also known as linear interpolation. To use linear interpolation to calculate the distance, endpoint, or midpoint, visit the interpolation calculator.

The last method of calculating the midpoint is through the use of a unit vector. This way is a little backward, but sometimes you can use this method if you only have certain information. If you have the unit vector, you can multiply it by the magnitude to get the final x and y coordinates of the endpoint. Since you know the initial point is 0,0 you can then calculate the midpoint. To learn more about unit vectors, visit our unit vector calculator.

Midpoint Definition

The midpoint is sometimes referred to as the centroid, although this term is used more generally for other things that are the midpoint on a line. The midpoint can also be calculated from the initial coordinates, slope, and only one of the end coordinates in either the x or y-direction.

When looking at a hyperbola, the midpoint of the vertices will be the midpoint of that hyperbola. Not to be confused with the intercept points of that hyperbola that are calculated from the quadratic equation.

Another interesting factor about midpoints is that it can actually be used in economics and is known as the midpoint formula economics.


What is a midpoint?

A midpoint is a location between two points that is equal distance from each point.