Enter the total engine hours into the calculator and adjust the miles per engine hour, if needed, to determine the miles of driving equivalent from engine hours.

Engine Hours to Miles Formula

The following equation is used to convert Engine Hours to Miles.

M = EH * 27.5
  • Where M is the equivalent miles of driving
  • EH is the number of hours of engine run time
  • 27.5 is the equivalent wear, in miles, an engine would see from idling for one hour (this can be adjusted in the calculator)

To calculate the miles from engine hours, simply multiply the engine run time by 27.5.

What is the Engine Hours to Miles Conversion?


The engine hours to miles conversion is done to calculate the equivalent mileage worth of wear and tear an engine would see for running a certain number of hours while idling.

How to Calculate Miles from Engine Hours?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines the steps and information needed to calculate miles from engine hours.

First, determine the number of hours the engine is running. In this example, the engine is running for 8 hours.

Next, the final and last step is to calculate the equivalent miles using the formula above:

M = EH * 27.5

M = 8 * 27.5

M = 220 miles