Enter your car’s MPG, your average car miles driven per month, and the cost of gas into the calculator to determine your gas cost per month.

Gas Cost Per Month Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the Gas Cost Per Month.

CGM = M / MPG * GC
  • Where CGM is the gas cost per month ($/month)
  • M is the monthly miles driven on average
  • MPG is the miles per gallon of the car
  • GC is the average cost of gas for the month ($/gallon)

To calculate the gas cost per month, divide the monthly miles by the MPG, then multiply by the cost of gas.

What is the Average Gas Cost Per Month?


The average American household spends about $250 per month on gasoline. That’s about $2,900 per year. If you drive a car that gets 30 miles to the gallon, then you’ll spend about $60 per week at the pump.

If you have more than one car, then you might be spending more than $100 per week.

Trying to determine the average cost of gas per month can be helpful if you are trying to budget your household income or if you need to know how much to set aside for regular expenses like gas.

Gas prices change frequently based on market conditions, so it is hard to predict precisely the average price every month.

If you’re trying to determine the average cost of gas per month in the future, consider reviewing statistics from past years and looking at past trends. You can also read reports about current gas costs or contact local gas stations when planning your budget to get a good idea of current prices.