Extrapolation Calculator

Enter the value of two coordinate points and either the y or x value of a third point to extrapolate the missing value of the third point.

Extrapolation Formula

The following formula is used to calculate an extrapolation.

Y3 = Y1 + (x-X1)/ (X2 – X1) * (Y2-Y1)

  • Where X1-3 and Y1-3 are the coordinate points
  • X is the slop between points 1 and 2


What is an extrapolation?

An extrapolation is the extension of a line between two points to a third point. The extrapolation allows you to find the future value of any point along the line. This can be used in math to find coordinate points or in finance to find the future value of an investment.

extrapolation calculator
extrapolation formula

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