Enter the AL value and the number of turns of the inductor into the calculator to determine the inductance of the ferrite inductor.

Ferrite Inductor Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the Ferrite Inductance.

L = AL / [(100/N)^2]

  • Where L is the inductance (H)
  • AL is the AL value based on the inductance of the ferrite
  • N is the number of turns of the ferrite core

What is a Ferrite Inductor?


Ferrite inductors are a type of inductor known for strong electromagnetic properties. These inductors have ferrite core that provides them with low electrical conductivity.

How to Calculate Inductance of Ferrite Inductor?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines the steps and information needed to calculate the inductance of a ferrite inductor.

First, determine the AL value. This value is typically calculated when the inductance at a certain number of turns is known. For this problem, this value is 50.

Next, determine the new number of turns of the inductor. In this example, the number of turns is 30.

Finally, calculate the ferrite inductor inductance using the formula above:

L = AL / [(100/N)^2]

L = 50 / [(100/30)^2]

L = 4.5 henries