Enter the inductance of 2 inductors and the coupling coefficient into the calculator to determine the mutual inductance.

Mutual Inductance Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the mutual inductance between 2 inductors.

I = k * Sqrt ( L1 * L2 )

  • I is the mutual inductance
  • k is the coupling coefficient
  • L1 is one inductance
  • L2 is another inductance

Mutual Inductance Definition

Mutual inductance is the total inductance between two coupled inductors.

Mutual Inductance Example

How to calculate mutual inductance?

  1. First, determine the coupling coefficient.

    Determine the coupling coefficient between the two inductors.

  2. Next, determine the first inductance.

    Calculate the inductance of the first inductor.

  3. Next, determine the second inductance.

    Calculate the inductance of the second inductor.

  4. Finally, calculate the mutual inductance.

    Calculate the mutual inductance using the equation above.


What is mutual inductance?

Mutual inductance is an inductance between two inductors that are coupled together.

What is the coupling coefficient?

The coupling coefficient is a factor introduced by the materials used in coupling two inductors together. The factor depends on what is used and how.

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