Enter the field number (f-number) and the objective magnification into the calculator to determine the field of view.

Field of View Formula

The following formula is used to calculate a field of view.

FOV = FN / M 
  • Where FN is the field number (f-number)
  • M is the objective magnification
  • FOV is the field of view

To calculate field of view, divide the f-number by the objective magnification.

Field of View Definition

A field of view is defined as the distance of the observable area seen through a microscope or telescope.

Field of View Example

How to calculate a field of view?

  1. First, determine the f-number.

    Calculate the field number.

  2. Next, determine the objective magnification.

    Calculate or measure the magnification.

  3. Finally, calculate the field of view.

    Calculate the field of view using the equation above.


What is a field of view?

A field of view is the total amount of distance across the observable area of a microscope.