Enter the accuracy percentage and the full scale pressure of the gauge into the calculator to determine the full scale accuracy.

Full Scale Accuracy Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the Full Scale Accuracy.

FSA = (A/100) * FSP
  • Where FSA is the full scale accuracy
  • A is the percentage accuracy (%)
  • FSP is the full scale pressure.

To calculate a full scale accuracy, multiply the percentage accuracy by the full scale pressure.

What is a Full Scale Accuracy?


A full scale accuracy is a type of accuracy that is dependent on the reading of a gauge. For example, for a flow rate device, the accuracy would be measured as a percentage of the maximum flow rate.

How to Calculate Full Scale Accuracy?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines the steps and information needed to calculate Full Scale Accuracy.

First, determine the accuracy percentage. For this example, the accuracy percentage is 2%.

Next, determine the full scale pressure. In this example, the full scale pressure is 500 N/m^2.

Finally, calculate the full scale accuracy using the formula above:

FSA = (A%/100) * FSP

FSA = (2/100) * 500

FSA = 10 N/m^2