Enter the Brinell Hardness and the constant values into the calculator to determine the Rockwell C Hardness.

Hbw To Hrc Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the hardness conversion from Brinell Hardness (HBW) to Rockwell C Hardness (HRC).

HRC = 0.102 * HBW + 1.24


  • HRC is the Rockwell C Hardness HBW is the Brinell Hardness

To calculate the Rockwell C Hardness, multiply the Brinell Hardness by 0.102 and then add 1.24 to the result.

What is a Hbw To Hrc?

HBW to HRC refers to the conversion from Hardness Brinell (HBW) to Hardness Rockwell C (HRC), which are both measurements of hardness in materials. The Brinell hardness test involves applying a known load to the surface of the material through a hardened steel ball of known diameter, while the Rockwell hardness test uses a different method involving a small indentation. The conversion between these two scales allows for comparison and understanding of material properties across different testing methods.