Hydraulic Radius Calculator (+ Wetted Perimeter)

Enter the cross sectional area of a hydraulic cylinder into the calculator below to calculate the hydraulic radius and the wetted perimeter.

Hydraulic Radius Formula

The following equations are used to calculate the hydraulic radius and wetted perimeter.

R = A / P

  • Where R is the hydraulic radius
  • A is the cross sectional area
  • and P is the wetted perimeter.

In this case, we are assuming that the fluid is moving through a piper that is completely full. This means that the wetted perimeter is simply equal to the circumference of the piper, which can be calculated using equations for a circle.

Typically the circumference of a circle is calculated using the radius, but since we are only given the cross sectional area, the radius must be inferred from that information. This can be done by re-arranging the formula.

Hydraulic Radius Calculator