Enter the total number of injuries and the total employee hours worked into the calculator to determine the injury rate.

Injury Rate Formula

The following formula is used to calculate an injury rate:

IR = (I * 200,000) / EHW

  • Where IR is the injury rate
  • I is the number of injuries
  • EHW is the employee hours worked

Injury Rate Definition

An injury rate is defined as the rate at which employees get injured on a job per 200,000 hours worked.

Injury rate and incident rate are often used interchangeably, but in some cases, companies like to keep these separate since incident rates include illnesses and injury rates may not.

This allows a company to distinguish between injury and illness.

Example Problem

How to calculate an injury rate?

First, determine the total number of employee hours that have been worked in the time period. For this example, the time period is 2 months and the number of hours worked is 500,000.

Next, determine the total number of injuries during that time period. There were officially 10 recorded injuries during that time span.

Finally, calculate the injury rate using the formula above:

IR = (I * 200,000) / EHW

IR = ( 10 * 200,000) /500000

IR = 4 injuries per 200,000 hours worked