Enter a number and a base into the calculator. The calculator will display the inverse log of the number and base entered. The base of the natural log is equal to e=2.71828. The standard base for the log is base 10.

Inverse Log Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the inverse log of a number and base.

x = logb-1(y) = b y

  • Where x is the value you are calculating
  • b is the base
  • and y is the number to take the log of

To calculate an inverse log, raise the base value to the power of the number being taken in the log.

Inverse Log Definition

An inverse log is defined as the anti-log of a log function raised to a negative value.

Inverse Log Example

How to calculate the inverse log?

  1. First, determine the base

    Logarithmic functions all require a base number. This is typically represented as b in the equation above. The natural log (ln) as a base of e = 2.718…

  2. Next, determine the value y

    Determine the number you wish to take the inverse log of.

  3. Calculate the inverse log

    Calculate the inverse log of y using the formula above.