Enter the sodium level, creatinine level, bilirubin level, and INR into the calculator to determine the Meld Sodium score.

Meld Sodium Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the Meld Sodium.

MS = 0.025 * (Na – 140) + 140 + 0.957 * loge(Creatinine) + 0.378 * loge(Bilirubin) + 1.12 * (INR – 1)


  • MS is the Meld Sodium score
  • Na is the sodium level (mmol/L)
  • Creatinine is the creatinine level (mg/dL)
  • Bilirubin is the bilirubin level (mg/dL)
  • INR is the International Normalized Ratio

To calculate the Meld Sodium score, subtract 140 from the sodium level and multiply the result by 0.025. Add 140 to this result. Then, add the natural logarithm of the creatinine level multiplied by 0.957. Add the natural logarithm of the bilirubin level multiplied by 0.378. Finally, subtract 1 from the INR and multiply the result by 1.12. Add all these results together to get the Meld Sodium score.