Enter the molar mass and the mass density into the calculator to determine the molar volume.

Molar Volume Formula

The following formula is used to calculate a molar volume.

Vm = M / ρ
  • Where VM is the molar volume (L/mol)
  • M is the molar mass (g/mol)
  • ρ is the mass density (g/L)

To calculate the molar volume, divide the molar mass by the mass density.

Molar Volume Definitoin

A molar volume is defined as the total liters of total volume occupied per mole of a substance.

Molar Volume Example

How to calculate molar volume?

  1. First, determine the molar mass.

    The molar mass is the number of grams per mole of a substance. For this example, we will say this is 20 g/mol.

  2. Next, determine the density.

    For this example we will say the density is 5 g/L.

  3. Finally, calculate the molar volume.

    The molar volume is 20/5 = 4 L/mol


What is molar volume?

Molar volume is a measure of the molar mass per unit density. At standard temperature and pressure, the molar volume is the volume that one mole of a given molecule occupies.